New SCHR-Baseline Study by the UZHR

The Baseline Study reflects upon the implementation of human rights standards in Switzerland and the state's duty to protect in the area of business and human rights. It especially examines existing state responsibilities to protect, respective access to remedy and those human rights violations which are likely to occur in the job market. More

Business and Human Rights

By virtue of its inherent fragmentation and disciplinary complexity the interdisciplinary topic "Human Rights and Business" is one of the most dynamic and experimental fields in the humanities and social sciences and represents a priority research area at the UZHR.

Business and Human Rights in ASEAN
Globalisation offers a wide range of commercial opportunities and options to the economies of the ASEA-Nations. However, along with the economic growth several human rights questions arise, in particular with regard to the state duty to protect.

The Human Rights Resource Centre of the University of Indonesia addressed the complex and multi-faceted subject of Business and Human Rights in the ASEA-Nations and presents its findings in the Baseline Study, which was co-edited by Prof. Dr. Kaufmann. More