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Centre for Human Rights (UZHR)

Other Research Projects

Research projects of UZHR-members

In the following, there is a selection of human rights related research projects by members of the UZHR: 

Human Economy: Rethinking Economic Human Rights in the Global Economy, SNF-Ambizione, Dr. Nicolas Bueno (2018-2022).

Legitimacy as a Multi-level Judgment: Experimental Evidence, SNF-Förderung, Prof. Patrick Haack u.a. (2019 – 2022).  

The Right to Mental Integrity, ERC-Projekt (10%-contribution), Prof. Peter Schaber.

Legal Protection of Religion(s) in Cyberspace: Between Human Rights and Religious Commands, UFSP Digital Religion(s), Projekt 7, Prof. Christine Kaufmann, Prof. Lorenz Langer; Cristina Frei, MLaw: Doktorandin "Religion und der Digital Turn: Neue rechtliche Herausforderungen im Cyberspace" (2021-2024)

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Photo: mohamed hassan, pixabay